Eat Your Veg

How we think about food is influenced by how our parents thought about food, and their parents, and their parents before them. My father’s ideas about food are his father’s – inherited from a time of rationing after the war. “You must eat everything put on your plate, or you can’t leave the table.”

Hours I spent, point blankly refusing to finish a plate of food too big for me. My sister has a fairly entertaining story about my Nanny’s pie, though she would kill me if I shared it here…Friends have mentioned the terror of brussel sprouts being sprung on them each roast dinner and nobody ever says – can I please have some more of that delicious soggy broccoli…

I have multitudes of siblings and one or two are still young enough to throw a hissy fit over certain foods; vegetables of some description usually being the culprit. But we learn how to think about food from our parents and those around us, so why do we all hate vegetables so much?

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