‘Are you always cooking?’ The answer to this question is yes.

A question asked by my sister, with whom I speak on the phone perhaps several times a days, when cooking myself supper one evening. She is trained as a chef, and therefore an invaluable asset to me; an enthusiastic amateur in the kitchen. If I’m not eating food, I’m cooking food, or thinking about food, or talking about food.

I love food of all kinds, but the one thing that runs through all of my foodie adventures is locality, seasonality and responsibility. I like to know how it gets from plough to plate, with particular interest in plate! Here I hope to share with you the foods I eat, cook and fantasize about, with lots of recipes and ideas for you to try at home.

Food.  It’s terribly important stuff and we’ll be eating it everyday for the rest of our lives.  So we’d best set about it making it taste the very best it can be. I want you to enjoy your food as much as I do, which is a little bit more than a lot!

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