Delicious Dinners

Sooo, its January. Who’s made New Years resolutions to get fit, eat healthily, new year new you…blah blah blah?



On New Years Eve I was asked what my resolutions were…at about 3am. I was not thinking about giving things up at that point. And anyway, why should it all be about giving things up? Why can’t our resolutions be about doing MORE of the things you love? More dancing, more parties, more friends, more family, more roast dinners with all of the above?

I spend all year thinking about how I really ought to go to the gym today. What I want to spend January thinking (because, admit it, no-ones resolutions last until February anyway) is: how can I cook more food that I love and write about it all without seriously neglecting my job, OH, gym bunnying, sailing, diving, etc. (but, also, secretly adhere to my need to detox after a seriously heavy Christmas break).

Since you may also be in a planning place right now, here’s fifty dinners to make the next fifty days a bit different for you and your family, OH or housemate. There is a mix of super healthy and deliciously decadent so mix it up and stop freaking out about your waistline and start thinking about being more YOU this year.


Chicken with a honey and mustard sauce

Sticky soy chicken with spicey noodles

Baked Mediterranean chicken with quinoa

Chicken caesar salad

Chicken, leek and mushroom pie

Roast chicken with all the trimmings


Salmon with fennelly brown butter

White fish baked in lemon, wine and herbs

Seafood risotto

Nicoise salad with fresh tuna

Moules mariniere with chips

Trout with pesto, new potatoes and green beans


Pork with ginger and pears

Griddled pork and pepper salsa

Sausages and mashed potato

Pork in mustard cream sauce

Loin of pork with roasted vegetables

Pork belly with mustard mash

Chorizo and white bean stew


Beef lasagne

Spaghetti bolognaise

Beef stroganoff

Home-made burgers

Chili con carne

Fillet steak with sweet potato wedges


Lamb tagine

Shepherd’s Pie

Lamb stew

Lamb curry

Stuffed and roasted lamb breast

Lamb shanks with minty, crushed potatoes


Pasta Pesto

Creamy artichoke lasagne

Pasta zucchini

Raw tomato pasta

Squash and fennel lasagne

Tomato and aubergine pasta (pasta alla norma)


Roasted vegetable and rocket salad with pistachio pesto

Kale and mushroom lasagne

Spiced aubergine

Dhal (Lentil Curry)

Sweet potato quinoa cakes with hearty salad

Stuffed Peppers

Mushroom ragout with creamy polenta

Stuffed squash

Tomato and mozzarella risotto

Melanzane parmigiana

Roasted squash and mushroom salad with crunchy croutons

Roasted red pepper and butter-nut squash soup

Spinach and ricotta pie

Macaroni cheese

O.K so maybe there’s a couple more than 50 but they’re all sooo good I couldn’t not put them in! Those without links right now will be linked up to recipes in the next couple of weeks, and a few take you to some of the great blogs I love to follow. Mix it up a little and try a few of these each week to keep your cooking exciting!

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