Christmas Kitchen Gift Guide

Christmas is a week away. A WEEK!

I’m pretty useless at thinking up legitimate Christmas gifts. I have been warned against buying my little brother and sisters a real cat or dog for Christmas every year since they were born…(one day it will happen)

How could you resist?!

How could you resist?!

I am also pretty terrible at thinking up Christmas gifts for myself. Well, ones that people might actually buy me anyway. I would LOVE one of these (hint, hint). With living on a boat most of year I have limited space and so I am somewhat restricted with what I can ask for. The pony is definitely not happening this year. Damn. Most years kitchen or foodie items are an excellent fall back option, and despite not having my own kitchen to put them it at the moment, that hasn’t stopped me looking. So here’s my list to Santa if I were back in my kitchen in Plymouth. It might help inspire you to buy something a bit unusual for the foodie in your life.

Ninjabread men. . . I think I’ve just got over my allergy to Gingerbread!

Herby Olive Oils. . .I use olive oil in everything and these are extra special when homemade. And I am crap at drizzling, so one of these too.

Homemade liqueurs such as citrusy Limoncello and Arancello, or spicey Scandinavian Aquavit.

Baking moulds that look like teacups, CUTE!!

Making sweets, chocolates and jam is super easy, especially when you’ve got a thermometer which tells you what all the temperatures mean.

I have been trying, in vain, to make sushi for a few years now and without access to a course I have been thinking of getting a kit like this.

And finally, my attempts at bread have been terrible apart from the sourdough I made for Sourdough September. With a bread-maker though, even my kitchen incompetent friend can make a decent loaf in time for breakfast.

(None of these items have been sent to me to recommend or anything like that…if only!)


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