Gnocchi with Garlic Brown Butter and Shredded Spinach

This is my its two weeks til Christmas, I can’t spend more than two minutes on my feet, I’ve been shopping all day dinner.

Get you cloves off!

Get your cloves off!

Today I spent hours traipsing round toy shops trying to find a mechanical cat that didn’t look like it might malfunction and tear my little sister’s face off, and Peppa Pig slippers. Parents seem to have an innate sense of where to find these things. I had no clue where to even start. Thank goodness we have Bhs in Malta…

I also need to eat something other than candied peel for dinner. Yes, I am eating everyone’s Christmas presents for them, yes I will have to make more….

I like to make my own gnocchi and if you haven’t spent all day on your feet, or you have someone lovely that will make it for you, here‘s the recipe. However, there are some pretty good pre-made types that you can buy in places that do fresh pasta. I was just going to eat the gnocchi on its own with the garlic butter but threw in a handful of spinach at the last minute and boy am I glad I did!

Gnocchi with Garlic Butter and Shredded Spinach

Gnocchi, garlic, butter, rock salt, big handful of spinach (or kale would work equally well)

Cook the gnocchi as per the instructions on the packet, most need just a few minutes in salted, boiling water. Slice the garlic then fry in a big knob of butter until the butter is brown and sizzly. Add the gnocchi, tossing well so they are coated in the butter and allow them to fry a little to give them a bit of crisp and colour. Stir in the spinach, leave for thirty seconds then serve. I could eat buckets of this stuff, it makes super supper or a lovely lunch, perfect for the drop dead shopping diva (with a large glass of wine…of course).

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