Luxury French Toast

The TV series Scrubs changed my life. It taught me about ‘Brinner’. Breakfast for dinner. Revolutionary.

My favourite brinner recipe is a very special eggy bread; a classic from the days of my Nanny J babysitting with a sweet and simple twist.

Peachy ;-)

Peachy 😉

Luxury French Toast

Two slices of french bread (cut diagonally for maximum soft surface area), two eggs, vanilla sugar (pop some vanilla pods that have had the seeds used into a jar of caster sugar to infuse), cinnamon, peaches, butter.

Beat the eggs with a tsp of sugar and a small amount of ground cinnamon on a plate with a lip to keep the egg in. Soak the french bread in the egg. Melt the butter in a frying pan, allowing it to foam and turn a nutty brown. Place slices of peach into the butter and sprinkle with more vanilla sugar so that they caramelise. Put the eggy bread into the pan as well, add a little more sugar and fry until golden brown on the outside. Serve the slices of peach on top of the eggy bread with a drizzle of cream and honey. It is supremely decadent to have this for breakfast, let alone dinner, so push the boat out and maybe even have a bit of ice-cream on the side – Brinning…Breakfast, Dinner, Pudding. Why not?

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