A cook without a kitchen

Things are currently not going to plan. Possibly the worst thing about this is that I am kitchenless…I am bereft. It means no cooking, nor making of tea, nor pootling about the shops looking for scrummy things to make wonderful, seasonal food with. Argh. Feel pity for me, or not, I am a practical person. I have been getting my foody fix elsewhere in the form of other people’s culinary experiments and adventures. Food blogs. I have spent oodles of time oggling Pinterest for ideas and links to other people’s kitchen enabled splurges. So here are my top five, each one a little different so there’s something out there for everyone!

1. My favourite so far has been How Sweet It Is, a blog full of beautiful and adventurous recipes with a delightfully realistic commentary from the author, Jessica.

2. Another one that has tickled my fancy is Z Tasty Life. There is a spectacular recipe index which is full of the most divine looking meals of all kinds, most of which have an Italian theme. I cannot wait to try some of these out the next time I have access to a kitchen (I tell you, its like a druggy looking for their next fix of crack, well possibly not quite like that but pretty darn serious!).

3. And then there’s Taste With The Eyes, a blog I love because the author likes pictures and I am a looky, looky (read nosey) sort of person that likes to see pictures of what I’m planning to cook so that when I’ve finished I can see how much I’ve missed the mark by. Ahem.

4. For those looking for the “Healthier Alternatives to the Foods You Crave” try Dashing Dish. There is lots of advice for getting fit and healthy on here as well as tasty but healthy alternatives to many traditional comfort foods. It also has a gluten free section which ticks a box for me as I’m always looking for amazing recipes that I can cook for my amazing mum who is a coeliac.

5. The Italian Garden Project is not actually a recipe blog, there are however recipes in it and I really enjoyed reading the following post about foraging for dandelions in Italy. There is a real tradition for foraging in Italy that is still going strong, and almost everyone has at least a few pots of herbs growing on their balcony. Anyone with a garden grows a few vegetables or has a couple of fruit trees too. They love their food; I feel I am in good company at a table full of Italians as we will not only discuss the food currently on our plates but every single meal we have cooked so far that week. It is heaven 🙂

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