Pasta pesto

A staple of my diet even before I arrived in Italy was pasta pesto. It is so easy, cook pasta and stir in pesto. But, it can be so much more. Just a few extra touches turn it into a scrummy lunch or an easy supper that is more than just a cop out ‘cuz you’re knackered!

Pasta Pesto

Pasta (about 150g per person), jar of basil pesto – if you have time make it fresh as it is significantly better than store bought, onion, garlic, chili, pine nuts

Chop the onion nice and fine, slice the garlic and fry gently in plenty of olive oil. Pop the chili in whole just to give the dish a little warmth and piquancy. Boil a pan of water and cook your pasta with a good pinch of salt. Take it off the heat and drain several minutes before it is ready then add it to the frying pan with the onions etc. Give it a good stir and add a spoonful of pesto per person. Stir in a handful of pine nuts or sunflower seeds to give it a little texture then serve in the frying pan with loads of Parmesan cheese and black pepper.

Right, I’m off to cook this for three hungry boys on the boat. Enjoy your lunch! Ciao!

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