Food shopping

My absolute most favourite activity in the world is food shopping. Now I am living in an apartment in the centre of town I am a two minute walk from the food market that is held everyday from early morning to 13:30. It is held in a hall, with butchers (macelleria) and bakers (panetteria) around the outside and greengrocers in the middle. In a separate hall there is a fresh fish market that sells the catch of the day, best get there early for the nicest fish because it is incredibly popular with the locals.

There are twenty different green grocers all vying for the attention of the bustling Italians buying their weekly shop, plenty of choice providing a variety of quality (and therefore price) as well as freshness, vegetable type and grade. Some are organic, most are sourcing locally and all of it is delicious. The very best thing about it is that you only have to buy the exact amount for each meal you are planning to cook. So you are far less likely to end up wasting food because you’ve had to by a packet (or two or three even if its on offer!) that is too big for the meal you have in mind. You get given a bowl, you pick exactly which particular specimens of scrumminess you want and how much and then they charge you per kilo. Meat, cheese and bread are done in a similar manner, allowing you complete control over your whole shopping experience. Its marvelous.

My favourite place in the city

My favourite place in the city

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