Ciao da Italia!

I have moved to Italy! Land of wonderful, seasonal deliciousness. And coffee. I have always been a tea girl, I would say I drink it like water but I don’t drink water I drink tea…and now coffee too. Though, rather than a thirst quenching or comfort option, coffee is rather a chance to have a pause. A café is an espresso, a quick hit of caffeine providing a chance to have seat for a moment and reflect on a job well done. You’ve reached the cafe at the end of the pontoon you live on.

I’m living on a boat in a marina. It is a beautiful old classic yacht, lots and lots of wood and big enough to have a fairly serviceable galley. Galley cooking is completely different to kitchen cooking. There are gas issues (not just the deck frogs…), you have to remember to turn it on and off and most of the food is stored in cupboards in the floor. There is however several gas hobs and a couple of electric ones for keeping things warm (coffee pots for example). I am eager to attempt the use of the oven though I have heard tell it is a tricky beast so may need taming first – I shall have the fire blanket on hand to act as muleta!

So from now on I will be regaling you of tales including apperitivos, pasta pesto and gelato, my mouth is watering at just the thought!

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