You are what you eat

A long time ago a friend and I stood and laughed hysterically, for well over an hour, at each others imitations of the foods we eat. Shout ‘Banana!’ and we will still curl our bodies to one side and dissolve into a fit of giggles. It may seem a clichéd phrase, used far to often when one is a child, but it is true. You are what you eat. Eat well, and you feel good.

Food is not just about the physical satiation of hunger, far from it. Our bodies are designed for a hunter/gatherer diet and with all of those delicious wild treats comes the hours of running about looking for them, carefully preparing them in such a way that they won’t kill you. No wonder we don’t feel satisfied any more, two minutes standing in front of a microwave is hardly a challenge after all. No, feeling full and satisfied with your meal starts right at the beginning. Now I don’t expect you to go off and shoot a deer, lug it home, skin and gut it then roast it over the open fire (though feel free, fresh venison liver for breakfast after a nights stalking is wonderful). What is great for the everyday person though, is taking the time to plan your meals, shop for all the lovely ingredients and then cooking it all from scratch. And I expect no excuses. There are hundreds of cook books out there geared towards speedy, healthy cooking and the satisfaction you and those you cook for will be all the better once you start.

So lets get cooking.

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